This service is unbelievable. My resume was returned to me within a couple of days, looking absolutely phenomenal. I have been looking for a job for months, unsuccessfully and barely even getting a call-back. After ONE DAY of applying, I already received a call and I have an interview for a very very good position tomorrow. I would strongly recommend this service to anyone. 

  • Marco P, HR Professional


I had an outstanding Executive resume produced in a very short time period. The interview process was great, the consultant listened to me as I "attempted" to explain my work background, experiences, and other relevant skills. The consultant then transformed my thoughts and old resume into a professional document that increased my chances of obtaining a more preferred position. I have already gotten multiple interview requests using this resume. I could have never created such a professional resume independently.

  • David R, Senior Risk & Strategy Executive


I was considering getting my resume done professionally and ended up getting recommended to use We Love Resumes by a friend who works for the City of Toronto. I took the advice and got in touch with the company. I sent in the resume I was currently using and soon after had a 30 min phone conversation with them to discuss my history. That in itself was an excellent experience. I felt as though I was a priority to them. A few days later the resume was sent to me and already it had put my old resume to shame. It reflected me and my years of effort in a way that is sure to capture the interest of those who read it. I feel a new confidence with how I’m presenting myself. I would highly recommend using their services if you are considering it. It’s more than worth it.

  • Michael B, Firefighter


I contacted We Love Resumes as a recent university graduate seeking to spruce up my resume in order to stand out in the competitive field of job seekers. I was incredibly satisfied with the result, as they had tapered my resume to align with the values of my desired professions. The changes that were made were incredibly professional, while maintaining "personality" that individualizes my resume. I must say, if you are a graduating or recent graduate from post-secondary, even high-school, I would strongly recommending using the service provided. It is an investment that goes a long way when career searching. 

  • Mario S, Criminology Graduate


We Love Resumes is an awesome company! I got a super quick response to my inquiry, which was fantastic. They have obvious knowledge of not only what comprises an effective resume, in general, but also custom tailor a resume to a specific position - invaluable when you're stumbling over your own modesty and trying to put the "best you" on paper. I feel confident and have no doubt that We Love Resumes has put me on the right track in my employment search. Thank you! :) 

  • Vanessa N, Sales & Marketing Director


I was thoroughly impressed with your services and I will definitely network on your behalf. As a recently retired military veteran I can't begin to tell you how important this service was for me. Thank you for your professionalism and service. 

  • Carlos M, Supply Chain & Logistics Manager


Excellent service! Quick turnaround and I've had lots of great feedback so far. I've had this resume all of a week and already have two interviews lined up! Thanks!

  • Laura M, Administrative Professional


Strongly recommended! Very professional and reliable services! Quick turnaround. Thanks for everything. 

  • Roy S, Business Analyst